Lonestar Exotic Auctions


Next online auction 

Begins on October 8th and

ends on October 11th, 2023.

Consignments taken October 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Due to rising rent costs, we are closing our Pflugerville location.

However, we WILL continue taking your consignments from the Austin area. Pick up and drop off will be located in Lampasas for now.  Call Jeanie for more information at 512-734-2293.

You must provide a cage for each consignment. We cannot return cages. 

Effective immediately new bidders will require a deposit of $500.00 to bid. We will refund this amount as soon as the sale is over if you don't purchase any items, we will credit any purchases up to the 500.00 and refund any excess.



Houston Location:  512 Wisconsin St., South Houston, TX 77587     Contact Jackie @ 979-406-0357

Austin Location:      Contact Jeanie @ 512-734-2293

If you purchase an item in Houston and need to pick it up in Austin

OR purchase an item in Austin and need to pick it up in Houston,

this can be arranged with our courier 

but needs to be arranged immediatly after the auction is over

(text name and buyer # to 512-734-2293 to request Austin/Houston transport THURSDAY ONLY).

The transport will take place on the Thursday after the auction and birds will be available for pick up on Friday.

If prior arrangements are not made, the buyer will be responsible for pick up. 

Shipping is available from BOTH locations to anywhere in the U.S.. We use USPS, Delta Air Transport (San Antonio) and Private Courier.

Please notify us IMMEDIATELY after the auction if you would like to ship

(text buyer # and USPS or AIR transport to Jeanie at 512-734-2293).


There will be ABSOULUTLY NO PICK-UPS on Wednesday night, after the auction.

Someone will be available at the Houston location, Thursday and Friday 10:00-5:00 and Saturday 10:00-2:00.




Shipping Information

USPS --- (handfed babies CANNOT be shipped USPS). Required shipping box/cage ($50), shipping cost averages $150 per box (4 average size birds will fit comfortably). $25 handling fee. ESTIMATED $225.00

AIR Transport---(handfed babies (1Xfeeding per day) CAN be shipped AIR) wooden crate purcase ($40-$100), shipping cost averages $145-$325 (depends on # of crates/sizes of birds), $50 handling fee. ESTIMATED $200-$500

*** We recommend NOT to ship in excessive hot/cold weather.***

Courier Service--crate purchase as above. Picked up at our door and delivered to your door. Weather is not an issue. Care is given along the way. Rates vary ($250-$2000 depending on distance, quantity and size) Request a  Quote for this service from Barry @ 713-569-6773.

Let us know if you are interested in consigning at the next auction--- we will reserve your spot!


Please read ALL Terms & Conditions on the website.

When you register, this will be your legal and binding contract. 

DO NOT BID if you do not plan on buying!!!!!! 

We will take every means to care for the birds and other exotics while they are in our care and keeping.

We are NOT responsible for ANY consignments after they leave our facilities. 

You have the responsibility of asking questions and coming in to look at the birds. 

If you are not familiar with hand-feeding babies, please do not purchase them.

If the description does not say TAME, it probably will NOT be tame. 

If you have questions, please text 512-734-2293.

😬If you need to call, please leave a message. This number is very busy the week prior, during and after the auction.😬

Lonestar Exotic Auction has the right to refuse service. 

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