Lonestar Exotic Auctions


Due to MANY factors, Lonestar Exotic Auction has decided to close its doors.

We will be taking the summer off and taking time to decide if we want to reorganize and reopen, or not.

Our company is still VERY MUCH a family and we have all discussed and shared our feelings with each other and are all feeling the same way. Life is too short and Jackie, Effie, Ricky and myself are feeling like there is something more out there that we are called to do. The Doc's are still young but VERY busy with their many ventures.  And Lucas....... he has become quite a respectible and responsible young man that we are all VERY proud of. He  will soon be headed off to college to achieve his dreams. We  all support him  in every way if he decides to follow in his PaPa's footsteps with this business or decides to go another direction. 

Times are hard right now. Our cost of living and working has skyrocketed and the bird market has fallen (or actually gone back to pre-Covid prices). The increasing general operating costs, gas, shipping, and rent, new laws and certifications as well as many "no pays" and inconsiderate buyers and sellers has led us to this decision. Those of you that have been with us for many years or for just a little while..... we consider you our "auction family" and love, respect and appreciate you more than you know..... and you know who you are! 😘

If you need anything or are interested in running your own auction (uploading, coordinating with buyers to pick up  or ship from your location), let me (Jeanie) know.

God has blessed us in many ways throughout our journey and we know he will continue to lead us in the right direction. Thank you all for your respect, support and patience.


Lucas, Jackie, Ricky, Jeanie, James & Jason

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